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published how is legislation affected by systemaccounting? in FAQ 2021-04-03 12:13:29 -0700

how is legislation affected by systemaccounting?


unequal access to information indulges poor legislation

for example, a state legislator can exploit what the public doesnt know about some ill conceived legislation to secure its passing through collusion or a ballot measure

systemaccounting protects voters from an inept representative democracy by shifting all the risk of judgement to voters through physics and technology

as voters recognize 1) they have no one to blame but themselves, and 2) the time to study all state matters while tending to personal daily affairs is not practical, they will instead study those who prove capable of judging state matters on their behalf

voter dependency on an effective representative democracy is realized through their studying performance data, and not television

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how is geometric algebra related to systemaccounting?


modeling transactions between debiting and crediting users across time as a binary logarithmic event creates a space of 2^n dimensions in the data model

the structure of the space seals certainty between independent events, or creates continuity in a free market

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how are firms affected by systemaccounting?


productivity numbers risk mitm attacks from executives seeking to conceal from shareholders and employees the negligible measure of their contribution

these are executives who use words such as "culture" and "fit" when disciplining anyone refusing to play along with their "teamwork"

shareholders and employees are not the only ones weakened by executives standing in front of others peoples numbers

consumers are weakened too

to locate those who physically complete the work, inefficient markets compromised by information friction require premiums from consumers to be paid to executive middlers

information friction and asymmetry are vulnerabilities from which systemaccounting protects an economy

as dashboards begin to replace executives who depend on hacking information traveling within and between firms, the opportunity to manipulate productivity data will be eliminated

expect a reduction in the size of firms as these costs are lowered

published How does systemaccounting define fact? in FAQ 2020-08-23 12:15:05 -0700

how does systemaccounting define fact?


a fact is any information produced from a measurement

published does systemaccounting support free speech? in FAQ 2020-08-22 22:07:19 -0700

does systemaccounting support free speech?


systemaccounting protects users from a flaw in the first amendment to the united states constitution by limiting the freedom of speech from entitling anyone to supply fiction to the consumer of a fact

in short, not being lied to is a right in systemaccounting

and the convenient exploit of passing off untested information as factual is eliminated

published On Publishing the Physics of Value in Inventor's Blog 2015-12-01 15:27:32 -0800

On Publishing the Physics of Value

nearly a year has passed since the physics of value page was updated to feature an open-source paper (moved to a jupyter notebook in 2019)

the paper was produced in response to a december 2014 article entitled "mathematics as a common language" where the interviewee identifies economics as missing a comprehensive "toolkit"

in leading the interviewee to the affirmative, the interviewer proposes, "building a toolkit of mathematical techniques that could be pieced together like decipher what is happening in the world"

the interviewee then justifies his own work by explaining, "Gauge Theory dares ask the question: above what level should the rise be calculated? The level, or the derivative as it were, is made endogenous to the model"

not long after the article was read, it was shared in an email with a local systemaccounting supporter who is fond of math

in the email it was declared:

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