how are firms affected by systemaccounting?


inefficient markets risk subordinating workers & investors to socializers who exploit information asymmetry to accept credit for work produced by others

improving market signaling strength enables demand to locate supply without the "help" of socializing executive middlemen & women

for example, incessant meeting scheduling and attendance is one of the marks of a socializing executive in the middleman economy

meetings are exploited to cunningly secure information that compensates for a lack of vision and expertise, then write requirements the socializing executive did not author

the middlers arbitrage is a hack

as dashboards begin to replace socializing executives who depend on hacking information traveling within and between firms, the opportunity to manipulate production data will be eliminated

many who attend college face answering:

"do i study how to negotiate the physical universe? or how to negotiate people?"

while the sciences are hosted in a rational environment, the humanities are not

success in the former comes from exploiting rational events, while success in the latter is possible by exploiting, even creating, irrational events

as we enter an economy more like the physical universe, those who chose to avoid learning from the universes cold indifference in favor of perfecting the exploit of irrational behavior will experience a drop in demand for their service

valuable executives author profitable requirements, priority included

best when authorship and profitability are measured and related

expect white collar job loss in the medium term as the market penalty added by poor signaling between producers and buyers will no longer be exploited to fund a wage

also expect engineers & scientists to assume executive positions as unmolested data proves them capable of lowering prices, or competing, by exploiting r&d to add value

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