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to have successfully advised the united states treasury via the education of the public that it must offer systemaccounting as a free market solution to people who want the right to separate the balance sheets of lending businesses from the money supply, and receive access to a scientific measure of the cost of capital instead of the fictional numbers produced from a committee

members of the public seeking to participate in a modern economy must not be forced to capitalize such firms* the u.s. treasury has chartered to 1) store, 2) move, and 3) lend money

*note: “Bank defined.”, 12 U.S.C. § 1841(c)

what is systemaccounting?

systemaccounting is a software technology designed specifically for use by the united states department of the treasury to secure public independence from the banking system. when implemented, the u.s. treasury will be empowering members of the public to pay and receive payment between one another through a system that automates the cash-accounting function rather than a banking function. with the cash-accounting function automated, individuals will be free to publish the performance of their business online—whenever they wish—so they can easily participate & compete in the market for capital without the assistance of banks, wall street, lawyers, accountants, or any other firm that profits from an inefficient market

systemaccounting also provides users the technical means to independently define and automate financial promises. as people agree to establish financial rules between one another, the payment of taxes, dividends, payroll, and interest is completely automated. the opportunity for people to needlessly interpose themselves between buyers & sellers within various markets is subsequently eliminated along with the friction they add to the flow of value

another important feature is that monetary inflation does not occur within systemaccounting because value is treated as a conserved quantity; that is to say, with each step in time, all revenue is accounted for by all expenses (accounts receivables are not computed as "money")

finally, while users receive the power to publish the performance of their business activity online to compete in capital markets, elected officials will likewise be expected to publish the financial performance of the institutions they govern. the market for leadership will become just as transparent and efficient as the market for capital since votes will be matched with results; not promises. and because accountability will be held up to a scientific standard, neither public officials or investors will be capable of exploiting what other people are incapable of proving or disproving

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