EU Joint Research Centre's How to Increase Tax Compliance

The title of the conference is: “How to increase tax compliance – new tools from behavioural economics”. The aim of the conference is to find methods of increasing tax compliance.

While the focus is on applying insights from behavioral economics, still, the workshop is an opportunity for advocating the technological tools supplied by systemaccounting. The workshop targets academics, representatives from Ministries of Finances, tax authorities and NGOs from associated countries. The case for systemaccounting will be stated to government representatives, as it proposes a simple and efficient method for solving the problem of tax evasion and ensuring transparency of public finances.

Systemaccounting technology directly relates to the goals of Digital Agenda for Europe and especially to Digital Economy:

“Europe's businesses want us to offer them a secure environment, where they will be able to enjoy the benefits of the big data revolution, of cloud computing and cutting-edge technology -and they want to know how they can access finance and support”.

Universal access to capital with the help of technology and big data is precisely what systemaccounting is built for.

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