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printing money, or counterfeit, transfers value earned by people who produced goods and services to people who did not

for example, you earn $1,000 from working, but then your government prints $1,000 and hands it someone else

with money increased, and goods and services unchanged, the government is telling the economy someone else performed half your work

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On Publishing the Physics of Value

nearly a year has passed since the physics of value page was published (edit: moved to a jupyter notebook in 2019)

the paper was produced in response to a december 2014 article entitled "mathematics as a common language" where the interviewee identifies economics as missing a comprehensive "toolkit"

in leading the interviewee to the affirmative, the interviewer proposes, "building a toolkit of mathematical techniques that could be pieced together like decipher what is happening in the world"

the interviewee then justifies his own work by explaining, "Gauge Theory dares ask the question: above what level should the rise be calculated? The level, or the derivative as it were, is made endogenous to the model"

not long after the article was read, it was shared in an email with a local systemaccounting supporter who is fond of math

in the email it was declared:

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Continuity is a Certainty

while traveling to eternity to see the relation between two events seems impossible, the discovery of the limit has empowered technical people to complete this journey for years and return with treasures that unlock the mysteries of the universe before the eyes of mankind

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Sparking the Data-driven Republic

to the inventors of apache spark:

the united states department of the treasury currently serves as a massive honey-pot for an industry that enjoys uninterrupted government protection of its data advantage over the public

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In the beginning

my name is max and im the author of systemaccounting

the idea was conceived while contemplating how money would function if it was circulating directly between its owners through a database rather than among the state-chartered lending companies the public recognized as "banks"

this happened while the economy was forced to absorb a massive failure caused by the government and the financial industry, a perfectly-avoidable event if the government didn't blur accountability between transactions & financial risk

the day was monday, may 11, 2009, late in the evening

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