maxima carta

printing money, or counterfeit, transfers value earned by people who produced goods and services to people who did not

for example, you earn $1,000 from working, but then your government prints $1,000 and hands it someone else

with money increased, and goods and services unchanged, the government is telling the economy someone else performed half your work

politicians prefer the words "dilute" and "inflate" when imposing this wealth transfer

"i fund your campaign if you prevent my business from failure with printed money" between politician and their biggest donor is only a symptom of the root collusion between naive voter and politician "i give you authority to print money if you please me with your words"

the mandate to print money indulges an entertainment addicted republic to mistake television ratings for credit ratings, and empowers politicians to subordinate producers to fiction peddling promisers

despite voter consent, politicians do not have the authority to equate the opinions they collect in a ballot box to the facts accumulated by laborers in an account balance

the first object stores information predicting a measurement from an opinion

the second object stores information predicting a measurement from another measurement, and risk is not admissible when a laborer expenses after a revenue

free speech is not equal to hard work

and the constitution that states otherwise is nothing but a license to counterfeit

declare the physical value your work adds to information as independent from those claiming their right to "dilute" it with a democratic mandate

support the movement to apply a conversation law to data through a payment application

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