On Publishing the Physics of Value

Nearly a year has passed since the Physics of Value page was updated to feature an open-source paper. The paper was produced in response to a December 2014 article entitled "Mathematics as a Common Language", where the interviewee identifies economics as missing a comprehensive "toolkit". In leading the interviewee to the affirmative, the interviewer proposes "building a toolkit of mathematical techniques that could be pieced together like Lego...to decipher what is happening in the world." The interviewee then justifies his own research by explaining, "Gauge Theory dares ask the question: above what level should the rise be calculated? The level, or the derivative as it were, is made endogenous to the model."

Not long after the article was read, it was shared in an email with a local systemaccounting supporter who is fond of math. In the email it was declared:

I don't know what Gauge Theory is, but the answer to its question is "time", or more thoroughly: dO/dt=0, a null vector with an antiderivative that models the flow of money between its "Owners" (dO/dt refers to the data structure for "acceleration", and its direction is "time").

Towards the conclusion of the article, the following is speculated, "Let’s imagine that what needs to happen is a renegade movement where some people understand what the problem is and start publishing models with data-typing that is more in line with reality."

There wasn't any need to imagine this movement since it was underway in 2009. To answer the fellow's call for inclusion into a model referencing data-types that describe reality, the open-source paper was published, and the following message was transmitted as an open invitation:

I remain the sole contributor.

Economists continue to occasionally receive an invitation to support systemaccounting, but the response is the same. On Monday, November 2, 2015, a well-known professor of economics who writes on "Anonymous money as a vehicle for facilitating tax evasion and illegal activity" in a recent paper was contacted by phone. Upon hearing "...an initiative to petition the U.S. Treasury to deploy a payment platform," the professor quickly sought to demonstrate he had zero curiosity, "I'm furiously busy," he said. "Goodbye."

At this rate, another systemic financial event is imminent. When the touchstone for knowledge in an economy consists of academic degrees, medals, awards, publications, media exposure, fame, and whatever else has little to do with ending in some type of scientifically-describable work, a habitat is established high above in the intellectual sky with just enough distance into the horizon to breach the continuity of the public's awareness, but not far enough to justify where it leads. Physical continuity, however, continues to push the public forward by applying its razor sharp edge to finely divide between us, who are in the current moment—from us, who are in the next. Adding in the pride-inspired inaction and false accounting of those only pretending to be in the future to the natural uncertainty of how our affairs will evolve, from one moment to the next, unfairly exacerbates the already grievous outcome destined for an economy that values its government-subsidized financial industry over the support of a growing population.

Rather than prioritizing its resources on academically, subatomically, or astronomically proving the existence of an infinitely small object suspected to tie everything together, systemaccounting knocks down the barrier these approaches face in physics by supplying the function that relates how our actions measure as its part. Bridging the gap by establishing a uniform measure of value 'Between Humans & Time' confers upon everyone the degree of Doctor in Mathematical Physics & Economics—a form of intellectual empowerment that protects them from the traps commonly set by those attempting to exploit the absence of continuity.

But first, those who have acquired their certificates of knowledge from a thesis committee have demonstrated it is their preference to impose on others the highest possible price of learning that acquiring from the Physical Universe a certificate written in its own language is not one which any committee in the Physical Universe, or its appointees, may negate.

May the high places built by humans be swiftly destroyed—that freedom from their self-imposed captivity be expediently secured.

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