Sparking the Data-driven Republic

to the inventors of apache spark:

the united states department of the treasury currently serves as a massive honey-pot for an industry that enjoys uninterrupted government protection of its data advantage over the public

please help demonstrate for the white house how spark is capable of computing real time business activity from transaction data generated by users of a u.s. treasury-hosted payment application

as events structured to mathematically disambiguate the concept of 'transacting' from 'banking' are posted by users of the platform, a simple data model that identifies the amount of conserved value (column1, DECIMAL) transmitted from a payor (column2, STRING) to a payee (column3, STRING) at the time they agreed (column4, DATETIME) will provide for the balance of any account to be measured according to its 'SUM receipts - SUM payments'

spark streaming ought to easily demonstrate how the real-time receipt of transaction data will provide for the near-contemporaneous calculation and visualization of the system's gdp/sec, or any sub-dimension therein

for the public to remain universally & scientifically informed about their economy's progress is now a technologically-rational requirement to set before one's government

data science's economic indispensability will be proven once the public is shown how a scientific measure of the price of capital is produced, thus hastening a long-awaited end to its manipulation by a central authority that prioritizes the success of government-chartered lending companies above that of the true economy

as the u.s. treasury is converted from a big honey-pot for 'banks' to a big data repo for the public, the economy will witness a spark that ignites a rigorous competition for return

and sends capital circulating at rates not observed in the history of mankind

to help pump blood through this economy's failing heart, we must set in place the building blocks of a data-driven republic

please join in petitioning the white house to accept a demonstration of why the future of a fair and thriving economy depends on exploiting advances in science & technology, and not the vague and antiquated political doctrines of its past

max funk

p.s. the left side of the equation must be read as a 3-character symbol ("Mx!") rather than an expression (M·x!). the symbol identifies how measuring, computing, and transmitting the 'flow of value' as unmodified scientific feedback for a system of users satisfies the conditions studied by combinatorial game theory
the right-side variables are: u = transactions / second, w = value / transaction, a.k.a. SELECT SUM(transaction_amountFROM transaction_table WHERE date_time='YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss';
see FAQ for more details

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