what is the challenge of adopting a higher empirical standard in the economy?


theres self entitlement, and then theres public entitlement

and theres little difference between them when an economy indulged by television and banking

elected officials accustomed to receiving their titles from television viewers who allow covering up failure with counterfeit will experience difficulty reconciling between, "my title is the sum of everyones opinion of me"

and the titles their measured actions earn them, "my title is the sum of my measured actions"

as systemaccounting disarms approval ratings of its sickle, and reveals leaders who create prosperity by NOT ingratiating themselves to a public addicted to confirmation bias, "youre the best, everyone"

a period of general discomfort will continue until expectations are recalibrated to honor, rather than revile, those who prove the public is NOT above change, "heres how to improve"

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