why does systemaccounting charge one penny per transaction?

shouldn't the service be free?


the systemclock was invented invented to solve the problem of how to measure & optimize the action of a system

as with all other electronic devices, the systemclock requires a battery

in exchange for the service of measuring and recording the change in ownership of value with respect to time, i.e. where the cost of accounting is incurred, a revenue is required

also, a precedent must be set for the scientific community: 

  1. science is a form of labor not justified by academic degrees, scholarly publications, or the pageantry of awards, but by application

    revenue helps society measure & relate how much research & development has reduced their burden*

    it's been said that real artists ship

    the same applies to scientists

    however, science is a unique form of labor that produces only one type of commodity: knowledge, or productive information

    marching forward with physical production & distribution to complete the ship equation often requires a scientist to negotiate a great deal of cost that emerges from unnecessary intermediation and task-switching

    scientific invention does not admit execution risk, yet it may be cited anyway by those not experienced enough with the relevant field, or who seek to exploit undue market power* by withholding physical production & distribution until they secure an unjustified allocation of ownership

    too often an idea capable of physically solving an important problem goes unfunded, or ends up in the hands of the inept, because its inventor is at the mercy of a capital market whose supply-side succeeds at gaming the system's loose logic, barriers to entry, and susceptibility to social tactics

    teaching the solution to people who are not rewarded by understanding the problem—who are even part of the problem, becomes an exercise in futility

    an economy can rarely expect to grow if it sends its most capable problem-solvers to seek capital from those who acquire it by avoiding technical achievement, whose idea of exploiting inefficiency is to prevent others from eliminating it

    now that the mxfactorial research is complete, and the systemclock is available, only production and distribution are left: applying the systemclock to economic variables allows for a systemaccounting application to produce ordered measurements that are freely-defined by human beings to be distributed by the internet to a publicly-accessible database, science + physical production & distribution

  2. taking into account the opposite end of the revenue number line, science is a labor that is not cost-free

    "if the work belonging to another is intellectual, then i am exempt from having to pay for it," is a position belonging to those who place no value on their own future, who place no value on knowledge, and who expect to enslave those who pursue it 

    great, even grave self-sacrifice is required to uncover knowledge's path

    instead of stampeding through to appease an unchecked sense of entitlement, justice and prosperity dictate that the beneficiary of the newly-revealed path testifies to both i) its discoverer and ii) the measurable reduction in their own burden by supplying fair value in return—value that may be used to reveal yet another path which the traveler may further benefit from

    as advancement begets advancement for all sides of the transaction, big science is left to those who practice useful science

*note: the market power is undue because, rather than producing intellectual property other firms are incapable of, the power to set a price owes itself to the scientist's lack of access to other more capable bidders on their intellectual property

note: this same failure trickles down from the capital market and is amplified throughout the labor market as skilled and competent individuals are subordinated to people who exploit socially opportunistic behavior rather than work & accountability to compete, i.e. opportunity for an information-intermediary increases as measurability and access within a system decreases

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