what is a 'warrior scientist'?


one who reveals the measure of a matter despite aversion or consequence

note: west los angeles is host to numerous aerospace and defense firms. two engineers claiming to be employed at one of these firms visited the systemaccounting booth at the venice beach boardwalk during the campaign to raise whitehouse petition signatures. one claimed to have earned a phd in physics, the other a masters degree in physics. they inquired about the equation and received the explanation that it describes how to conserve financial value and create measurability. though they admitted having no technical objections to what the equation described, they refused to offer their support explaining, "this will upset a lot of powerful people"

this question and answer is assuring readers theres a class of scientist in the economy who is indifferent to winning the approval of "powerful people"

winning the approval of the physical universe protects individual independence:

you ask the universe its opinion when you measure something

you express a fact when you repeat that opinion

and expressing facts protects everyone from 1) imprisonment within a socially-engineered universe that Does Not Exist, and 2) the "powerful people" who only know how to socialize its cost to everyone else

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