isn't the only true solution to the economy's problems a spiritual one?


to talk of the spirit is to refer of the motive reflected by a choice, and nothing else

like the youth coming of age, humanity at this stage in its development has little interest in having its values dictated

so, the task isn't to barge into the private quarters of a person's soul to reorder choices as we see fit, but rather to extend an invitation to open a door so that they may understand how the life they live on the inside affects others on the outside

this can best be achieved by simply showing a person the consequences of their choices, i.e. by teaching how to measure consequences—one of science's many gifts


note: people often misinterpret emotional events for spiritual ones

emotions are both produced and consumed by the creature capable of pleasure, pain, and anything in between, whereas spiritual events do not account for the emotion one desires to consume, e.g. "serentity"

accepting personal responsibility for reflecting a well-formed idea through an individual choice, the aim of which is to physically produce some desired consequence in a physical universe shared with others, often requires its originator to avoid any conflicts & distortions caused by prioritizing their own emotional outcome (consumption)

in short, a spiritual event is an act of production where the only thing consumed in return is an idea manifested by a choice's physical consequence


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