does systemaccounting support the gold standard?


gold is not money

gold is 79 electrons, 79 protons and 118 neutrons mingling together to form a noble metal

money is:

1. an intellectual measuring device,

2. serving as evidence,

3. the value measured, promised and delivered = the value measured, accepted and received (mpd=mar)

money enables its users to keep track of, or "bookkeep", how much they owe one another after mpd=mar

this mathematical definition of money is required if numbers are to serve as an interpretive key for how one may measure the value of one good or service in terms of the value of any other good or service, e.g. "i earn $2.00 selling a bottle of water, i spend $2.00 purchasing a pen. therefore, bottle of water = $2.00 = pen"

systemaccounting treats the golden rule, when practiced with mathematical fidelity, as the gold standard responsible for ennobling all mankind

note: what is value?

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