Continuity is a Certainty

What I'm certain about is continuity. While traveling to eternity to see the relation between two events seems impossible, the discovery of the limit has empowered technical people to complete this journey for years and return with treasures that unlock the mysteries of the universe before the eyes of mankind.

Continuity, however, is no mere planet floating around the inner-space of information—it is this system's Sun, where all things touched by its light receive the ability to exist. Continuity is the Axiom. And though there are delightfully mischievous people who publicly challenge the completeness of any system sustained by an axiom, I remain unfazed by their mathematical hat tricks. To duplicate the one and only equal sign that may exist within a system, and aim it back at itself to produce an absurdity, is to begin with an absurdity.

If a continuous function means having to be defined for every point within an interval, then consider my scientific mind sustained by its immovable truth, but for that single point which must go undefined because this is where definition, itself, is defined, then consider my faithful heart sustained by its wondrous mystery—the One that causes the system to be complete.

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