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published On Publishing the Physics of Value in Inventor's Blog 2015-12-01 15:27:32 -0800

On Publishing the Physics of Value

Nearly a year has passed since the Physics of Value page was updated to feature an open-source paper. The paper was produced in response to a December 2014 article entitled "Mathematics as a Common Language", where the interviewee identifies economics as missing a comprehensive "toolkit". In leading the interviewee to the affirmative, the interviewer proposes "building a toolkit of mathematical techniques that could be pieced together like decipher what is happening in the world." The interviewee then justifies his own research by explaining, "Gauge Theory dares ask the question: above what level should the rise be calculated? The level, or the derivative as it were, is made endogenous to the model."

Not long after the article was read, it was shared in an email with a local systemaccounting supporter who is fond of math. In the email it was declared:

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