what would happen to banks?

if the united states treasury were to provide systemaccounting to the public, what would happen to banks?


the "banking" industry will continue to exist so long as people prefer to use its services

systemaccounting is to be offered as a choice to people who want to participate in a modern free-market economy after exercising their right to refuse the service of “banking” or crowd-funding government-defined rates of return (see overview page for legal and technical definition)

in the event public conversion to systemaccounting causes the insolvency of a "bank", a central "bank" will not be rescuing it with printing money, i.e. value that wasn't earned from physically delivering value elsewhere in the economy

to begin enforcement of the law of conservation of value, customer deposit balances will be transferred to systemaccounting where it will be recognized as the user's cash balance (debit "bank" liability, credit systemaccounting user asset)

the "bank" is then dissolved where the restructured loan portfolio will be assumed and operated by a newly-formed or existing private lending firm going forward

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