what is the role of systemaccounting in journalism?


systemaccounting defines the industry standard for journalism as it journals words & numbers into a database to empower the independent access, analysis, and interpretation of facts

adding a writer of stories to a process intended to improve the timeliness & effectiveness of other people's decisions is, with little exception, redundant & self-defeating

information's intention determines its format

if information is strictly intended for consuming entertainment, then formatting it as a story will suffice because the intellect is not under pressure by the physical universe to confirm the fidelity of every word

however, if information is intended to serve a decision, then the producer seeking to be as effective as possible will prove the receipt of distilled & relatable units of fact to be of higher value

data clears the market for facts more quickly than stories, a process that suffers from friction and the build-up of pressure when the demand for facts by a growing & maturing civilization constantly increases, and information prioritizing its entertainment, or emotional value, is mislabeled as prioritizing productive value (massage parlor journalism)

those who earn a living by blurring the lines between entertainment and enabling competent decisions may expect the unapologetic torrent of data produced by systemaccounting to reveal, by comparison, how infrequently their product clears the market for facts, thus increasing its displacement further into the category of fiction until its easily distinguishable by the public to more aptly serve the market for entertainment

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