what is the systemaccounting position on cash?


if the technology to use systemaccounting is not yet accessible, then using cash is practical

however, keep in mind the following:

exclusivity restricts competition in markets

while allowing unfettered access to both the buy and sell side of capital markets to the public is indispensable for a healthy and competitive economy, this access is meaningless if there is reliable measure of its prices is absent

asset prices are affected by the movement of money, and cash is not a practical instrument for informing the price of an asset in a modern economy

cash's high cost of accounting causes exclusivity, sometimes going as far as even helping others to avoid accountability

and yet, while any activity affecting the price of an asset must be measured, measuring is not the same as publishing

if the owner of an asset does not wish to offer their property on the market, they need not disclose its price so long as the following systemaccounting axiom is upheld:

each human being must be allowed to understand and own all the consequences of their individual choices, in addition to all the consequences that must be shared and owned as they arise from the individual choices authored by others


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