what is the political position of systemaccounting?


systemaccounting abstains from "politics" since the concept, itself, is expected to prevail only as long as individuals cannot scientifically prove or disprove the claims of others

similar to the pledge of starting a family, issuing someone an invitation to wed their choices to government authority is done with faith that the persons ideas & choices will measurably increase and sustain the offspring of public opportunity

swearing anything besides 100% loyalty to conceive enforceable ideas on behalf of an electorates well-being is an act of infidelity that weakens results

one cannot be 100% married to ones office, and yet 1% married to the priorities of another without compromising results

political parties are private firms that earn revenue by selling promises which, by financial industry standards, are all junk-rated issuances (e.g. the promise to increase job availability, the promise to reform the tax code, the promise to increase access to education, etc.)

the publics massively irrational demand for unsecured promises indulges the political party business model, which then funds access to expensive technologies used to broadcast further unverified statements aimed at persuading an unearned invitation for authority

swearing loyalty to a political firm that arbitrages the careless consumption of promises bundles the cost of standardizing a high rate of failure—which is accounted for, in part, by occasionally denying the most effective idea & choice on behalf of ones electorate to accommodate a conflict of interest

from the viewpoint of voters, considering one who exploits the activities of a political firm undermines the process of detecting the offices strongest option insofar as measuring the number of promises sold, and votes traded, as proof of "leadership" is absurd

the economic infertility caused by the incessant arbitrage of poor accountability and collusion on policy may have been unavoidable when communication across long distances depended on the horse & carriage, but at a time when informations mode of transportation is light, there is no excuse for weakening the process of independently-judging matters on its merits, and then sincerely choosing the most effective course of action

therefore, the only policy base systemaccounting serves is the one that seeks to empower individual judgement

the ability to recognize the praiseworthy statesmanship demonstrated by such men and women who wish to have their opinions held to a scientific standard of accountability is a faculty which none will be denied

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