how will political campaigns be affected by systemaccounting?


the promise associated with an individual is best signaled by their actions, and not their words

today, the physical legitimacy of an individual's words is often compromised by hosting a contest for who can affirm public expectation the most

leading according to public expectation is the opposite of leadership (rejecting expectation solely because it comes from the public, included)

therefore, entering the competition to juggle agreeing with as many people as possible while exceeding their position as "leader" produces a creature whose only substance is the ingratiating conduct they cunningly tender in exchange for fame

judgement in favor of securing public acceptance instead of facts produces a different outcome: of course, the archetype public affirmer hasn't the capacity to solve any other problem besides how they are publicly-perceived. of course, installing the contest winner in an office where they are allowed to falsify the mechanics of trade will produce a sinkhole of debt that swallows an economy whole

the inability of the public to hold a policy author's words to an empirical standard of accountability is what indulges the promotion of entertainers over effective policy authors

systemaccounting empowers the public to detect individuals who, after issuing their words, achieve distinction by proving them through their actions

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as the distinction between the imaginary and the physical increases with clarity, those who previously sought to advance themselves by promoting fiction, i.e. words predicting no physical quantity, will find they are unequal to the task of competing for the trust of others

fiction has no place in leadership markets supplying many promising candidates preferring honest work and meekness to self-promotion

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