how is the media industry affected by systemaccounting?


human beings close the neurological circuit on such emotions as anger, fear, pleasure, etc. as expectation is permitted to first create a potential difference, and is then either violated or confirmed. examples:

  1. "i expect to receive a pay raise tomorrow" (violation→fear)
  2. "i received a pay raise" (confirmation→pleasure)

the media industry currently reaps significant financial reward from incessantly setting up and tearing down expectations with no other aim but to trigger stimuli

entertainment aside, much energy is wasted in the economy since chronic triggering depends on producing unstable information that empowers the frivolous cycle of consuming stimuli instead of stable information that empowers production

while there is a fraction of the public that demands any information enabling the consumption of stimuli (including false information supplied to confirm false expectations), systemaccounting only services that fraction of the public who demand the constant tapping of the public's amygdala be silenced by flooding the economy with new information that provides for testing the buoyancy of expectation at the higher cerebral hemisphere

the public depends on media to train its expectations, a process that involves brokering the public's access to some hypothetical route to its future

best to avoid treating the responsibility of operating as an intermediary between the public and its future as a plaything

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