how is systemaccounting a matter of science and technology?

i have a phd in mathematics

how is mxfactorial so important if it's only a summation?


axiomizing a summation of the set of all equilibrium points, per unit of time—in a system of conserved quantities describes the behavior of an economy in terms of the same law that governs the physical universe

humanity depends on science to show people how to measure

until now, the public has had difficulty with unambiguously defining "money", the instrument used to measure the change in ownership of value with respect to time, and its role within a physical system

systemaccounting presents a scientific definition of money, then preserves that definition as buyers and sellers transact with one another through a payment application designed to keep all users equally informed

the science educates the public how to produce a measurement, the technology enables them to independently transmit & receive this measurement directly between one another without "banks"

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