how is math viewed by systemaccounting?


math is just a language

and would be useless if it didnt answer to physics

2 meters + 3 meters = 5 meters liberates the user from the computationally inefficient "if two meters is added to three meters then total measured meters is five" language of philosophy

but mathematicians strip the units shortly after physics snaps its lordly fingers and venture off to extend the language to their hearts content

inventing symbols and justifying them with "axioms" instead of testing them against the type checker of physical law forces users to spin their wheels in equal signs

for example, declaring an objects freedom without its order, and expecting people to hold algebraic rules constant across a "real" number line admitting 2 directions, requires them to conceive of the "imaginary" and "complex" after banging their heads against a "negative square"

reducing the critical points of sine to i and -i omits the tale of the extra dimension by which theyre parameterized, and the plane contained by the boundary drawn by sines derivative

teach people pi/2 and 3pi/2 instead, and replace negatives with a new physical number notation: -1 = 1@pi

now all numbers have direction, and connecting them is easy when the higher order is an axiom, and not ignored or substituted with man made "axioms"

reckoning physics in these symbols casts out the absurdity of a second possible direction in the underlying dimension, eliminates the intellectual friction posed by the "imaginary" and "complex", and leads users to higher order thought

the desire to add a symbol to a language can exceed its usefulness, and limit the capacity of the bandwagon that embraces it

what matters now is measuring a symbols place within the physical dimensions of scalability, and protecting peoples time from entropys stench

denying the foundation & purpose of math to keep up appearances & funding will continue only as long as the economy is withheld from measuring the connection between information & action

as math seduces steps between man made data types in the wheel of identity, cramming equal signs between their inconsistent symbols in a manual runtime will soon be measured as a waste if it doesnt reduce complexity

best to regard mathematicians as the first information scientists now merging into computation science

if their scribbles arent describing something physical, chances are theyre trapping themselves and luring others into a hamster wheel

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