how is limited liability viewed by systemaccounting?


physically, there is no such thing

limited liability is a legal exception that results in physical absurdity

humans convening and entitling themselves the right to violate the physical law connecting consequences to choices creates the opportunity to transfer the physically inescapable cost of their choices to others

in the real world, choices are followed consequences, the measure of which may not be substituted with the counted opinions of those who refuse to own them

if the revenue from a choice is to be individually owned, then so must be its expense

liability refers to whom is accountable for risk

if the response to an absence of observability is to use government to force risks ownership on the public, then count on one who is skilled with the measure to restore its ownership to whom it rightfully belongs

in the end, it is not the role of government to serve as a receptacle for negative externalities, but to eliminate them—the first of which must be risk

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