how is a country defined by systemaccounting?


the 3-part empirical definition for the word "country":

  1. the number of meters2 within each coordinate-defined boundary,
  2. the number of human beings who are individually accountable for the costs & benefits of producing & enforcing intellectual property within the corresponding area,
  3. the number of characters comprising the intellectual property produced & enforced by human beings within the corresponding area for the purpose of maximizing equity per capita*

prejudices are useful only when they are formed in favor of performance measurements

once mankind accepts a country to be nothing more than an area where human beings produce & enforce laws for the purpose of measurably improving the wealth of all human beings, policy creation will no longer be plagued by the absurdities which must arise from the prejudice sold by those who value government authority more than the well being of the people it serves

*note: access is a form of property, and is counted as part of the equity owned by a person who is content with little

a transparent & efficient economy hosting an abundance of opportunity for both labor & capital will offset economic entropy by funding & managing its social services programs effectively

in other words, before individuals may provide for others, they must first be enabled to provide for themselves

locating job & investment opportunities will produce funding for private and public social programs

the same tools used to negotiate one's personal success are then used to measure and improve the effectiveness of their investment & management of public or private economic programs

a person who has little interest in acquiring, by comparison to their contemporaries, a large sum of personal equity will still be endowed with a historically high level of personal equity in systemaccounting since receiving access to well-managed health care, education, and any other public service is a form of personal wealth

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