how are stock markets affected by systemaccounting?


"stock markets" is wall street slang for what is more descriptively termed the equity market

when the owner of a business wishes to increase its capacity to produce, one option is to sell a fraction of its future earnings in exchange for cash or some other property

in return, an investor receives equity

equity is a measure of one's ownership as it relates to a property's total ownership, and its units are fractions, not "stock"

systemaccounting does not recognize exchanges such as the nasdaq, nyse or lse as useful markets in a modern civilization because they provide 1) inadequate market coverage due to their high exclusivity, and 2) zero access to the primary market for equity—the more significant market involved in the growth of an economy

once equity travels its way down to the secondary market, its purchase no longer represents some courageous allocation of capital where an opportunity of spacetime-arbitrage is seized to service the demand for goods & services more efficiently in a later time-coordinate 

rather, the equity purchase becomes an instrument for speculation in an idle scheme made possible by imbalanced access to information among traders in the same time-coordinate

equity's value does not tend to be justified by receiving the anticipated future earnings of a business in secondary markets, but by the ability of traders to manipulate its resale price using a media industry in service to fallacy

as the resale value of property becomes more important than its endogenous ability to add value, emphasis on the property's usefulness declines until someone eventually discovers, net of any negligible dividends, they owned little more than a false promise issued by middlemen instead of a growing economy

assuming the owner of a business does wish to exploit the highly unjustified resale values achieved in the secondary equity market, they must still pay a tremendous price to multiple lawyers, regulators, and "investment bankers" (misnomer) for the sale to become legal

several months may pass before completing an initial sale of equity in the primary market

only after the sale is complete in the primary market is equity sold to the highest bidder in the secondary market

in systemaccounting, a user has only to press a single button to publish their earnings

in the time required to chat a smiley on a social media site, a 17 year old female developer experimenting with a new idea in the suburbs can easily signal to the capital market where the next compelling internet business opportunity is located

seconds go by as a flood of emails and phone calls are received from investors all over the world who have located her through her various integrated online profiles

after half an hour, the developer decides to accept the highest bid of $150,000.00 into an account that automatically pays 10% of the project's profits every 30 days

no "stocks", no lawyers, no accountants, no "investment bankers", no brokers

a spirited, young entrepreneur required extra money for additional servers, and since systemaccounting recorded transaction data proving her business was worth the risk, a deal was completed within minutes

shortly thereafter, the young developer was called down to dinner by her parents, none of which was shared with firms that profit from an inefficient market

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