does systemaccounting support capitalism?


systemaccounting recognizes private property

furthermore, systemaccounting recognizes ones right to define the value of their private property, and then offer it to acquire property owned by another person who measures 0 difference in value at the time of exchange (labor is a form of private property)

capital depends on knowing the definition of 3 words:

1. value: see definition,

2. revenue, the quantity of value received after issuing and fulfilling a promise,

3. expense, the quantity of value transmitted after issuing and fulfilling a promise

now, with "value added = (revenue - expense)/revenue", any property used to pursue added value is capital

a person must be free to negotiate the risk present in this mathematical relationship with their own property:

i. when revenue > expense, value is added (property grows)

ii. when revenue = expense, value is unchanged (property remains the same)

iii. when revenue < expense, value shrinks (property decreases)

once private property and the right to set a price is recognized, the concept of capital is only a matter of arithmetic

systemaccounting certainly supports arithmetic

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