Your equation is wrong.


The left side of the equation must be read as a 3-character symbol ("Mx!") defining a data type rather than an expression (M·x!). The symbol identifies how setting the measure for, computing, and transmitting the flow of value as unmodified scientific feedback for a system of users i) optimizes its path between them as buyers and sellers in a free market, and ii) satisfies the conditions studied by combinatorial game theory. The right-side variables of 'u = transactions / second' and 'w = value / transaction' are referenced in a summation to express a SELECT SUM(transaction_amount) FROM transaction_table WHERE date_time='YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss'; Structured Query Language statement.

While the equation symbolizes the unity of math, physics, accounting, and game theory through data science, the obvious violation in mathematical notation is intended to express 'Minimizing the number of definition-steps of some physical event or object across the languages used to describe it' as ideal.

How much math a person does, or can do, is irrelevant since it's what a person's math can help physically achieve that counts. To avoid wasting their lives using an inconsistent, manual runtime to reinterpret each other's work in the wheel of identity, mathematicians are best recognized as mankind's first information scientists now merging into computation science (producing statements that fail to reduce complexity is entertainment).

Therefore, emphasizing a computer science-to-math syntax above a math-to-math syntax recognizes that it is ideal for humans to expediently relate what they wish to communicate in physical terms to maximize its impact on the physical world. As physics confirms math to be a language the Physical Universe understands, systemaccounting quickly relates how a database may understand the Math of the Physical Universe. The impact: Unifying environments ignites a Big Bang of opportunity in support of an ever-growing population of citizens served by those who treat math as an instrument of automation & testing, and not an activity pursued to win a medal.

Furthermore, minimizing definition-steps to uphold simplicity protects humans from sophistry. The difference between the growth in population vs. the growth in useful information taught in schools has created a significant build-up in pressure between the necessity to consume and the capacity to produce. Academia currently poses a great burden on the economy by falsely recognizing some fields—namely the "social sciences"—as scientific and useful. When a word is allowed to be defined by words that must be defined by more words, and so on, the mind of the human who learns these definitions becomes impotent in the Physical Universe because all their knowledge comes from word inventors indulged by thesis committees appeased by a weak and easy-to-hack application of a single function. Hacked certificate in hand, book after book is then published while a wage to test and certify others on their knowledge of this physically-idle content is collected. And when the consumer of all this vague and ambiguous "knowledge" is finally called upon to fulfill the condition of supporting themselves by supporting others, they're left helpless because they sought intellectual approval from a social universe created by book-publishing, tuition-funded, word-inventors*.

The ability to recognize patterns rapidly is not a requirement for pursuing science. The ignorant mind reinforced by patience, fortitude, humility in the face of truth, courage in response to falsehood, accountability, and detachment from how one is perceived by others, will, in time, possess whatever knowledge it values. After the human mind resigns to exposing itself to the friction of confirming which words consistently define naturally-occurring numbers—and further, how their underlying dimensions relate, it earns valuable citizenship in a simple, elegant and beautiful place shared by all human beings, The Tested Reality Common to All†.


*Note: Applied math is mental boot-camp for our shared reality. Those who enlist deserve the utmost patience and encouragement if their willingness is expected to bear fruit. The allure of social academic disciplines is that they service the unwillingness—and NOT the incapacity of a student to tolerate the pain often experienced when the Physical Universe we all share refuses to confirm their impulsive expectations, i.e. "If I don't get it...if I don't receive the response I want, and in the time I want it... then I'M NOT GOOD AT IT. Therefore, I'm going to major in sociology and hack my way into an academic degree by writing 50 papers on subjects that lack an immediate feedback mechanism for declaring when my statements are false." People who seldom learn their opinions are fiction develop a sense of entitlement that undermines both themselves and their economy because a preference to secure an emotional outcome from their own imagination—an action that reverses the beneficiaries and payors of interacting with the Universe to produce a physical outcome for everyone else, is indulged. Though the art of persuasion may be perfected through excessive paper-writing, and even prove profitable in commerce, the Physical Universe is impervious to this skill because protecting individuals from whatever negative emotional reactions they experience from their failure of its Law is not available in a system where protection is strictly afforded to the physical outcomes proving the Law's success.

†Note: Learning how to negotiate one's way through the ocean—and not only the crowd on some shipis invaluable to one who both seeks their own mental independence, and recognizes that knowing how to work a room has zero value if it's submerged in water.

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