What is this math identity systemaccounting uses?


The math identity, pronounced m-x-factorial, is an abstract data type describing how a system-clock is intellectually and physically possible.

Ask a physicist, and they'll tell you the identity is a map that measures & plots the consequences our shared choices have in a land we all have in common, the Physical Universe.

Ask a data scientist, and they'll tell you the identity empowers humans to optimize their actions—such as discovering the lowest price of a good or service, or the highest rate of return—since it measures the highest possible resolution of GDP.

Ask someone who is familiar with both concepts, and they will explain how the identity establishes for an economy the conditions studied by combinatorial game theory. But don't ask a mathematician because they'll say, "Your equation is wrong!" (they only consider notation that keeps them occupied with their own games :0).

Now, instead of depending on the assertions a few people define on behalf of everyone else, real live transaction data becomes the source of measuring both economic activity AND the price of capital.

Mxfactorial Explained

The purpose of the system-clock is to record how one variable changes with respect to the change in another variable. The system-clock may account for changes in multiple variables.

The first application of the system-clock is to be in economics where it will take the form of a "systemaccounting" technology used to measure how the following 3 variables change with respect to one another:

  1. Ownership
  2. Value
  3. Time

In economics, we are specifically concerned with measuring the change in the owernship of value with respect to the change in time. And since the $5.00 used to pay for a sandwich must remain the same between both the buyer and the seller at the time of its purchase, the variable we have defined as value is to experience zero, or no change. At the macro level, system-clocking economic variables does not allow for the monetary inflation created by socialized default risk to spread within the system because all variables, including value & liability, are structurally-gated as conserved quantities.

The ability to access this data to analyze the performance of an economy at any public level empowers ALL of us who contribute to its existence to do so while being as informed as possible ...which some may not prefer, but that's irrelevant. We're not asking permission to be equally informed. Are We?

Whether comprehending the true price of an asset, or the true cost of a fiscal policy, systemaccounting allows us all to be equally and scientifically informed about what is truly happening on the economic playing field.

Share the handout below with someone who speaks the language of math. Then, once you understand what it says, and understand its implications, turn around and teach it to someone else. Become an Mx! professor:)


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