How is math viewed by systemaccounting?


Systemaccounting recognizes math to be the language of philosophy. To practice philosophy is to produce information that identifies the end of things, or how an object undergoes change in the presence of infinity. Therefore, to produce clear information that efficiently identifies the end of a matter, tying left & right-hand sides together to form a mathematical statement is in order.

Systemaccounting advises against practicing philosophy that does not describe some physical activity. Since math is not safe from dazzling and wasteful sophistry, it is advisable for computation's sake to prioritize the adoption of a programming language above learning a handwritten scripting technique. Receiving feedback is costly when using pencil & paper since reliance on this technology-pair forms a dependency on another human who may not always supply the correct feedback when they are accessible, or none at all when they're not accessible. Relying on a superior technology to quickly control for errors while independently expediting laborious computation enables the sincere student of the Rational Universe to test their own theories, chart their own course, and map their own physically useful views.

The machine that only understands logic has much to teach the creature who violates it. If one's childhood is therefore spent encountering the bulk of common error messages while testing the boundaries of their own independently-produced logic, the search for wisdom in one's formative & adult years will be more productive & fulfilling.


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