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White House Petition

The following petition will go live on the website once achieves its goal of 5,000 initial signatures:

GOAL: 5,000 signatures

Release a U.S. Treasury Payment App to separate the services of transacting & accounting from the business of "banking".

To promote the conditions that enable economic growth and stability, the federal government will begin phasing out its role of centralizing a "borrowing & lending" function in favor of supplying a system-wide measuring function that protects financial markets from privileged access, false information, and systemic-risk. The efficient allocation of capital depends on easily-accessible, verifiable rates of return; NOT legally-defined business models such as 12 U.S.C. § 1841 (c). Therefore, to protect the integrity of the financial system, the U.S. Treasury is instructed to release a payment app to the public that empowers individuals to pay one another directly through an accounting system instead of a "banking" system. Visit for a full demonstration & explanation.

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